Credit Competitor – Borrow Money With Credit Check And Review

KN Credit is an authority that provides money loans even when you have a credit check registration. You can apply for a loan of at least € 2500 and a maximum of € 100,000 at Credit Competitor. Borrowing money with credit check is also one of the possibilities at Credit Competitor. You can determine the form of credit in which you want to close the loan. You can choose between a personal loan and a continuous loan.


Borrow money despite credit check registration

Borrow money despite BKR registration

Do you have a credit check registration? A credit competitor also provides loans to people who have a credit check registration. A credit check test will always be performed. Per situation, the seriousness of the credit check registration and how the ratio between the loan to be closed off and the income will be looked at.


Lending Credit competitor costs

Lending Credit competitor costs

The loan borrowing costs of a credit competitor only consist of the statutory interest calculated on the loan. How much interest you have to pay for your loan is different by credit type. You can choose between a personal loan and a continuous loan. Below you will find more information about these types of credit and the costs, also for a loan without credit check testing.


Personal loan

Personal loan

Do you have a large edition, the amount of which is known in advance? Then you can opt for a personal loan. A personal loan has a fixed interest rate and a fixed term. You know what your monthly amount is that you have to repay. You cannot therefore come up with unexpected amounts that you can no longer repay.


Continuous credit

Do you have unexpected expenses, but do not know exactly how much money you need? Then a continuous credit can be a result. Some benefits of a continuous credit:

  • It is a flexible credit. You can decide for yourself when and how much you record.
  • Variable interest rates with sharp interest rates
  • You only pay interest on the amount to be redeemed
  • You can pay off without penalty
  • You always have the opportunity to come to your online account



The interest rate at Credit Competitor depends on the form of credit and the amount of the loan amount. A large loan has a lower interest rate than a small loan. A personal loan has a fixed interest rate and a continuous loan has a variable interest rate. Generally, a continuous loan usually comes out cheaper than a personal loan. Look for the current interest on KN Credit.

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