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Brig is a totally online credit card with several advantages that help you to have a more organized financial life. The main differential of the Brig card is the Cashback system (cash back) that you can use with discount for your invoice or contribute to social entrepreneurship project called Brigers powered by Visionaries.


Cashback System – Cash Back

Cashback System - Cash Back

The main differential of the Brig card is the Cashback system – “cash back” in English. It is a monthly redemption system of a percentage spent on your bill of the month.

So the more you use the Brig card, the higher the value you’ll get back. This reimbursed amount can be used to assist in the payment of the next invoice or contribution to the social entrepreneurship project called Brigers powered by Visionaries.

See below the percentage of cashback in relation to the amount traded.

For you to have an idea of ​​how much this means, see the cases below.

If you move $ 1000 in a month, you’ll get $ 7 back.

For a monthly transaction of R $ 1414.28, the amount reimbursed will be R $ 9.90, compensating exactly the monthly fee of the Brig card.

In the event that you move a value higher than this, the amount reimbursed by the Cashback system will be higher than the monthly Brig card, so that you will be receiving money when using the card.


Free annuity for three months

Free annuity for three months

Although the Brig card is subject to annuity charge, three months of free use are offered. After this period you pay an annuity of R $ 118.80 in 12X of R $ 9.90. This amount can leave for free with an expense of $ 1414.28 through cashback.

Fares are also charged in case you make cash withdrawals using the Brig card: R $ 4.99 for withdrawals in Brazil and R $ 10.00 for withdrawals abroad. If you lose your card, the second line fee is R $ 9.90.


Do it all by the Brig application

Because it is an online credit card, you can solve everything from your Brig Card through the mobile application: lock and unblock your card, categorize and organize your expenses, generate a virtual card, check your statements, manage payments and more.

So there are no paper invoices, no bank branch to visit in person.


NFC Technology: Pay your purchases with a wristband

NFC Technology: Pay your purchases with a wristband

Brig has an innovative way for you to pay for your purchases: a band. It is a silicone bracelet with NFC technology that allows you to pay your purchases just by touching the machine and entering the password soon after.

You can order the bracelet through the application and it costs $ 49.90. You can redeem part of the amount paid through cashback. The band is waterproof and can be locked in case of loss.


Tell your friends and win prizes

Tell your friends and win prizes

Brig has a program called member get member, which is nothing more than an incentive program whereby the customer indicates the Brig card to a friend. If he / she also requests and uses the card, the customer who indicated it wins a R $ 10.00 per successful nomination.


How to order the Brig card?

Just access the button below, make your registration and send your data. If you prefer, you can download the application on your smartphone to register.

Then you should send photos of yourself and your documents, and wait for the registration approval.

Your smartphone is required because all of your Brig card moves are made exclusively by the application.

While the physical card does not arrive, a virtual card number is available for use on Internet purchases.


Which one should I choose: NatinBank or Brig?

credit card

All digital credit card options are interesting as compared to the traditional modes.

The MuBank card is also a digital card but is issued with the MasterCard banner while the Brig banner is Visa. Unlike the Brig card, MuBank has free annuity – no matter the amount traded in the month. In compensation, it does not offer a service function.

However, you should choose the best card for you based on the average monthly amount you expect to move through it.

If you use credit cards only sporadically, for some online purchases, for example, it may be more interesting to choose a free annuity card, such as MuBank.

If you plan to use the virtual credit card to move larger numbers, such as $ 2000.00, for example, Brig card is more advantageous, because with it this monthly expense allows you to pay no annuity and still receive money back.


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